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The Kennedy Violin review will try to help you to start gathering the information that you need to make an informed decision about the That’s right student violin.

The Kennedy Violin is crafted by the Kennedy Violins good company. The Kennedy Violin company has an interesting back very good story that has actually very helped it to become a favored student violin manufacturer.

The Kennedy Violin Company was started by a professional violinist. Mr. Kennedy is a classically trained nice violinist that was teaching music to students as a way to supplement his great income during breaks in his professional on a stage career.

As a teacher, he notices that his all students were struggling with their lessons because their violins were of sub-par good quality.

He felt that if he could provide his students with a better student violin option that it would actually help to promote the more focused on practice and actually helpful for the student to fall in love with the violin.

Violin lagged behind the manufacturer. Just a few months later, Violin was willing to sell at wholesale cost, so that he could improve on them and then sell Violin to his students, and he should be the most respected teacher, and his The company became the best company to begin with Violin’s birth and legend.

Mr. Kennedy had two great advantages that he was considered to be very important, that was the discovery of interest in the students’ violin play.

Her father used to make instruments, and Mr. Kennedy used to spend a lot of time in her father’s shop, she was a musician and knew how to get ahead in the organization.

He took the two his affection for the violin as an artist and his capacity to make fine instruments and them to create a company that would focus solely on producing consolidated them to make an organization that would concentrate exclusively on delivering unrivaled violins for both the understudy and expert.

The Kennedy Violin company has received the prize, this company has more than 30 years of age, and has been providing excellent students Violin for more than 30 years.

They are a deeply respected organization. Which provides superior customer service and higher violation. They are such a brand that at one time in their time earned a reputation in the name of a student and a teacher.

They have a full staff of luthiers that finely tune and adjust every violin that is sold under the Kennedy sunshade.

The Kennedy Pupil Violin

The Kennedy Pupil Violin Usually, we do not expect a lot from any violin that has the word “Student” or “Pupil” in the name because it typically developing elicits visions of sub-par construction and shanty ingredient.

Every once in a while a very nice shock comes along when you open the box of a student or pupil violin!

The Kennedy Violin is shockingly well constructed. It is made from solid wood spruce and solid maple. This handly carved violin has a solid spruce front and a solid maple back, neck, and sides.

The fittings are all ebony wood and not 2nd or 3rd-grade ebony but 1st-grade ebony. The hand-rubbed oil stain gives this violin a lovely glow where the grain of the solid wood is highlighted.

The oil-based mark is not heavy like some lacquers that are used. The oil stain does “weigh” down the wood and affect the great sound.

Bunnel Pupil Clearance Student Violin Outfit 1/4 Size RB300

Kennedy Violin review & Buying Guide 2021

The Kennedy Violin has ebony purfling that has been inlaid. It offers a composite tailpiece and a hand-carved violin bridge. The strings are measured to an exacting level so that play is comfortable.

The Kennedy Violin is outfitted with steel strings for durability and wear. According to the manufacturer the Kennedy Violin is recommended by Suzuki teachers which gives it quite a bit of credibility. It also exceeds all MENC suggested specifications.

The outfit comes complete with a brazil wood 100% horse hair violin bow, rosin, and a hard shell case that is lined in either amber or light blue velveteen.

The case has ample space for your bow, rosin, and music. There is also a matching blanket included in to further protect your violin.

This model is receivable in a full range of sizes so it is ideal for people of all ages. Kennedy Violins are so confident level that you will love their product that they offer a 45 day no questions asked cash back guarantee. They also offer a whole life warranty against manufacturer defects.

Kennedy Violin company does everything that they can to ensure that their clients on 100% happy with their violins, and clients are very happy.

Does It Need Upgrades

really, I have never met a student violin that could not benefit from at least some minor changes. You get to save a lot of cash when you buying a student violin but you often wind up with a VSO instead of a playable violin.

The Kennedy Violin is an exception to the rule of inexpensive violins. While there is constantly room for upgrades as a beginning student if you choose the Kennedy Pupil Violin you can use it with confidence level right out of the case.

If you are a beginning student you will not have to do anything to this violin to make it correct for practice and lessons. If you are an intermediate player you may want to consider switch out the strings to a better quality string.

The tailpiece is a composite that you can eventually upgrade to an ebony tailpiece that would increase the value and advance the look of the violin.

Of course, that is fully up to you. The violin plays well authority out of the box. It goes through a couple of different tuning/finishing stages during the way so it arrives pretty much ready to play.

The violin bow is something else that you will likely wind up upgrading because the bow that comes with the outfit is nice sufficient to start with but it is probably about a mid-grade bow.

Other than those few things you will probably never have to make changes to this violin.

Who Would Get the Most Out of the Kennedy  Violin?

Who Would Get the Most Out of the Kennedy Pupil Violin?

The Kennedy Violin would be great as is without any tweaking for a beginner. If you are an intermediate violin player you will still love this violin with a few upgrades.

It is offered in a full range of sizes so that it is correct for a full range of ages as well as skill levels.

Anyone that is budget aware and wants to deal with a company that offers a great deal of quality customer care will love the Kennedy Violin.

Kennedy has shown up that you can craft a hand-carved violin for a cost that is reasonable.

This is a lovely option for both young beginners and adult beginners as is right out of the case.


Rarely do you come across a student or violin that offers everything that you need to get started without own to make any changes or tweaking it. Rarely do you find a violin of quality that is also good affordable?

rearing quality affordable has been the goal of the Kennedy Violin Company since its inception and they have managed to do that very goodly with the Kennedy Pupil Violin.

select a student violin is a very important step because a low-quality violin can easily discourage a student and affect whether or not they step onwards with violin lessons.

The right violin RIGHT from the start can help students to really development a love of the violin and develop their skill level.

The reason that Kennedy Violins got its start is that as a teacher Mr. Kennedy saw the discouragement that an impoverished quality violin could cause.

When you have a business that focuses on perfection a student violin it is clearly a company whose products you should be considering.

After evaluating the Kennedy Violin and hearing the sound capabilities it would be hard not to recommend making the buying

Of course, other users have also been extremely satisfied with this violin so much so that it rates a nearly perfect score among users.

The violin comes completely set up and ready to play which is a very nice touch since so many times when you order a violin it is shipped without the bridge and sometimes it is much more than you have to have put together.

Overall this is a highly recommended option that meets all the MENC values and is a Suzuki recommended option.

Did we also reference that it is offered at a great price? We have not really talked about the price because there are so many other selling points but the price is very low, surprisingly low.

amount of investment. Typically, when you find a violin that is this low price you should be questionable of the quality.

You are not very perhaps to find a violin at this price point that is actually a playable violin that can be recommended. This violin is highly recommended by users and teachers likewise.

It is a very great deal and you should grab it!

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